Acceptable identification is required for ALL services.

  • Driver’s License / Renewal
  • Identification Card / Renewal
  • Driver’s Abstract
  • Vehicle Registration / Renewal / Transfer / Cancellation
  • In-Transit Permit
  • Parking Placard for Persons with Disabilities
  • Personalized License Plate
  • Veteran’s License Plate
  • Support Our Troops License Plate
  • Vehicle Information Report
  • Fine Payments

This list is not inclusive of all services available, please contact our office for further information

Pre-Learners Tests

Pre-Learners Tests

Vehicle Registration Renewals

Direct Express Renewal

Automatic Vehicle Registration Renewal
Renew Motorcycle Registration
Renew Car Rental Vehicle Registration
Renew Commercial Trailer Registration
Renew Farm Vehicle Registration
Renew Off-Highway Vehicle Registration

Drivers Abstract

Duplicate Vehicle Registration Certificate
Vehicle Information Report

In-Transit Permits

In-Transit Permits: Moving an Unregistered Vehicle from Point A to Point B
In-Transit Permits: For Demonstration/Test Drive Purposes
In-Transit Permits: For Repairs/Service
In-Transit Permits: For Salvage Vehicles

Speciality Plates

Calgary Flames Licence plate
Support our Troops Licence Plate
Edmonton Oilers Licence Plate

Driver’s Licence and Identification (ID) Card Renewals

Standard Driver’s Abstract
Commercial Driver’s Abstract


Duplicate Vehicle Registration Certificate
Vehicle Information Report